Actions Semiconductor ATM7029
Actions Semiconductor ATM7029


Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 Architecture

1 Architecture
1.1 Socket
Not Available
1.2 Platform
1.3 Code Name
1.4 Power
1.4.1 Operating Temperatures
1.4.2 Thermal Design Power
AMD G GX 420CA ..
6.00 Watt
Rank: 19 (Overall)
Intel Atom Z3480 Architecture
1.4.3 Power Consumption
Apple A6 APL059..
3 Watt
Rank: 2 (Overall)
Apple A5 APL0498 Architecture
1.5 Package
Not Available
1.6 Size
1.6.1 Lithography
Intel Atom Z530..
40 nm
Rank: 9 (Overall)
Snapdragon 828 MSM8997 Architecture
1.6.2 Dimensions
1.7 Data Bus
AMD G GX 209HA ..
32 bit
Rank: 2 (Overall)
VIA WonderMedia WM8860 Architecture
1.8 CPU Architecture
1.9 ISA Supported

Architecture of Actions Semiconductor ATM7029

The architecture of Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 describes the number of components, type of each component and connections among the components. All digital systems including the system on chip use either Harvard Architecture or Von Neumann Architecture. Furthermore they can be classified as having Reduced Instruction Set (RISC) or Complex Instruction Set (CISC). Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 Architecture is RISC. ARM, which is Advanced RISC Machine is the technology that runs the current generation of mobiles and tablets and is extensively used in SoCs. This is the preferred architecture as it insures high performance at low power thus forming the perfect combination that all buyers usually wish for.

Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 Size

Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 size can define the packaging requirements and is usually an indicator of the type of packaging used.The feature size is 40 nm. type of socket.Architecture also includes the number of bits, word length that can be handled by the instruction set or processor unit. Data bus for Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 consists of 32 bit.

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